ES File Explorer File Manager MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

It's a useful and convenient file application containing numerous featured packages. the support and assistance provided by it is worth sharing. Now you can manage files and documents at an intense level. Installing games and other aspects becomes much easier. It works as a process of managing, editing or moving data on your device. The fully featured app gives exceptional benefits. For detailed features of this app read our article below.
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We have seen a boom of smart devices in this current era. Almost everyone is getting entertained with these Android devices and their elements. But when you are using the device, there’s a lot to tackle on files. As you know, file management is a recurring process that the administrator performs. Nowadays, mobiles are getting a lot of space. Thus, it’s difficult to handle it. There are some friendly apps that are indexed thoroughly. But to navigate the advanced resources, you need a compact tool for that. To cater to those issues, numerous file management applications are designed to give ultimate support. We have figured out the most versatile app as ES File Explorer mod apk. This impressive app is designed by ES Global. It currently holds millions of downloads on the play store.

It’s a useful and convenient file application containing numerous featured packages. In today’s era, it’s one of the premium apps that is highly rated among people. Moreover, the support and assistance provided by it is worth sharing. Now you can manage files and documents at an intense level. Installing games and other aspects becomes much easier. It works as a process of managing, editing or moving data on your device. The fully featured app gives exceptional benefits. Besides, it’s the safest aspect to keep your data clean. Also, organized in the files in a sequence. Let’s dive into the exclusive multi features. Read on for more information!

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es file explorer mod

It’s the best app to provide file management systems. It assists you to carry out the pro features that store the data securely. Also, gives great organization to move the files. In addition, the app offers you to locate your files or folders in seconds. The app generally allows you to effectively manage through a number of functions. Through its supported features, you can easily manage your data. Es file manager pro can download the games or other apps hustle free. Hence, its interface is quite optimized and convenient. This app is becoming a top priority for most users.

Instead of this, you can compress the pictures. Also, hiding personal info becomes much easier. The best aspect is that it can cater the users in an epic way. You can consider this app as the heart of Android. Because it keeps the right balance to the device. No matter if you have music, movies, images or other important documents. It acts as a supervisor for each native. The powerful grade element compresses towards pocket grade functions. Besides, it makes certain classes easier for users to unleash. There are certain other optimized features that it offers. To get more knowledge, let’s unveil the article more.


We have discussed some key aspects of this app. Read on below!

es file explorer file manager pro apk free download

We have placed the foremost feature in this position as many users are worried about their space issues. Android memory spaces are just shrinking at an intense level. Through the app, you can scan numerous files and folders. Besides, it provides defined parameters. Through that part, you can see the amount used by each file. It generally includes pictures, videos, sound effects, MS excel documents. Furthermore, apk mod es file explorer pro scrolls down the analysis of junk files. It also behaves for redundant or duplicated files. So, it frees up the memory to offer more location to the users.


Android devices consist of a plugged file manager. But that isn’t high performance. Also, it doesn’t bother with other heavy features. Like you can’t compress the pictures or other files to get smoother. Furthermore, screen resolution or reduction of heavy storage. That is only done through ES file explorer mod. You can perform these tasks with the app in a few seconds. When the file gets compressed, it acts as a new one. Also, it can behave as you overwrite it. Thus, totally depends on the settings. The app generally applies decompression but the speed is getting much faster. Let’s make the file short that is too large. As the large files become easier to transfer. So, share with your friends effectively. Lastly, you feel a lighter device than previous.

apk mod es file explorer pro

Those who install the modded files from the net. Then, you want to delete it. So, it can let you go towards the download manager many times. Thus, it’s a time-consuming task when there’s several measures to take. Things revolve around certain directories. Hence, ES explorer apk allows you to create certain shortcuts. Further, it moves to the display screen easily. The info and data you retrieve becomes much easier. Also, it’s easily deleted able when you don’t need it any longer. It behaves the same as when you make a shortcut on the computer. This feature trims down your time aspects. Moreover, gives a hustle free solution for the bulk files.


This app generally comprises two main colors. Either blue and white. However, these aren’t very flashy ones and are well known to users. It provides only a single tab but holds all the functions in it. The main interface is the well optimized home page. When seeking the upper portion of the display bar. The info about RAM and ROM is easily seen. It shows as a percentage to describe much easier. Further, closely monitors what assures in ROM. Or crystallizes the RAM to operate much better. The below corner of the display shows the categories of management. Lastly, the interface has high detailing to give ultimate support to users.

es file explorer premium apk

There’s some private content that you won’t share with anyone. Thus, there should be something like this who can hide your important information. As you know, Linux developed the Android versions. That’s why, it provides a restricted access solution as well. But it’s not suitable. You have to develop a “.nomedia” file in the folder that already exists. Besides, you need to navigate certain things. Also, interacts with the epic media. Looking at the hide tool provided by ES file Explorer premium apk. The file is simply concealable and can be hidden as you want.


Rather than file manager, this app also gives exceptional themes to freshen the device. There are numerous fruitful themes created meticulously. Moreover, it gives you comprehensive file protection. It’s your choice to feature any pin or password for the selected file. Also, the exchange of files becomes easy in ES file explorer pro premium mod apk. It supports FTP exchange of files that is quite mesmerizing. Thus, accounts can only login through pre-registered FTP. Afterwards, choose the respective areas to analyze the elements. It is doable through wifi connection. So, check out the whole scenario before taking any step.


It brings a lot of convenience for the users. Besides, all your data is encapsulated in a convenient folder. No matter if it’s audio effects, customized clips or any document. All the elements organized in an efficient way. It can free up a certain space, and provides smoothness and comfort to Android users. Thus, file manager apk pro boosted your device performance significantly. Battery drainage can be much better and significant. Its usage is quite simple. You can simply touch the button to add more features. Lastly, make your system more capable and do things gently.


It’s a well-known android manager all around the world. We have penned down some important aspects that you will love.

  • Premium Features Unlocked:

If we talk about the version that is available on play store. All the premium features are fully locked in it. Hence, you need to spend approx. $9.99/ month. At this price, you can have all the definite access. But many users aren’t willing to pay the price. That’s why we are offering ES file explorer premium apk. Because all the elements are fully accessible in it. You don’t need to waste any money. Transform your journey and become an ultimate performing user.

  • Ad-free Interface:

It’s a fact that ads are the annoying factor that people don’t want. In the free version, you can experience a lot of advertisements that decrease your productivity. The basic app wrecked and fetched the data. You won’t feel comfortable while using the free version. However, if you download ES file explorer file manager pro apk. So, it prevents all the ads and blocked files. Now enjoy the endless and smooth process. Lastly, scroll the app much effectively with certain intuitive aspects.

  • Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is a premium element that you can get through. But the users who opt for the free version can’t get any access to it. For this reason, we are providing exclusive options in our ES file explorer pro paid apk. It gives permission to sync the essential documents and folders to cloud servers. You won’t get any space or privacy issues in it. As the system is quite secure.

  • Wi-Fi File Transfer:

You will definitely love the file tendering feature of this app. Thus, no matter how bigger the file is. The locations are easily shareable. Only you need strong network access. Apart from that, ES file explorer pro Android 1 can transfer the files from smart device to PC. For that, you won’t need any Wi-Fi connection. Things will become relatively simple when you own the app. Enjoy some productive moments to experience a fruitful journey.


It also offers some more whopping fundamentals.

  • Built-in search element.
  • Analyzer of SD card.
  • Prompt cleaner of Cache and other elements.
  • Operate some exclusive files.
  • Storage optimizer to render the journey.


It’s a multitasking app with exceptional features. Additionally, it’s tempting effects and functionalities in an ultimate package. Thus, the regular user of file manager apk pro boosted its performance. You can expound the file structure and organize the data. Its epic interface with customized elements outclasses numerous elements. The user will love to see its endless possibilities. Also, the file management stream can make your journey more flexible. Feel free to explore further about this app. Let’s try this iconic solution at least once. Ask your concerns through comments. Discuss the amazing facts with your friends. Get connected for more ironic apps in the upcoming time.



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