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Geometry dash mod apk is all about fun, entertainment, visuals, music and thrill. It's an insanely challenging journey followed by enormous obstacles. Besides, it's difficult to hold the game for a long time. The game ensures a motive that if you fail once, try again. The background music gives you an ultimate feel while playing different levels. Also, you can select numerous colors, skins or even Geometry. Let's engage yourself in tapping the screen to survive in the ongoing attacks. To get further details about the game, read our article below
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Games and Entertainment industry are growing at an ultimate speed. It’s just because the world is revolutionary in the current time. There are numerous genres that have a huge craze among people. One of my most favorite is Arcade genre games. There are many unique and creative content games featuring in recent times. Today, we are discussing an impressive application that just blows your mind. Are you ready to experience the exceptional arcade game play? Then check out Geometry Dash mod apk, a rhythm-based arcade game. It’s developed in 2013 by RobTop games. Moreover, it has secured millions of users across the globe on the play store. It’s attractive enough which can be at least tested once.

The game is all about fun, entertainment, visuals, music and thrill. It’s an insanely challenging journey followed by enormous obstacles. Besides, it’s difficult to hold the game for a long time. The game ensures a motive that if you fail once, try again. The background music gives you an ultimate feel while playing different levels. Also, you can select numerous colors, skins or even Geometry. Let’s engage yourself in tapping the screen to survive in the ongoing attacks. You can invite your buddies to play with them. What holds you then? Try how hard you can go and show your super skills to the audience. Roll it out for the extreme danger and push to the extensive limits.

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geometry dash full version

It’s a combination of different gaming experiences. You need to polish your skills and present expressively. You have to challenge yourself with intense situations. Further, the game has strong initiates to get you addicted towards it. You need to pass certain stages to wear the crown. The menu is quite engaging with simple controls to access. Also, the character is a pretty simple box like. Let’s dodge the hurdles to pass the stages. There’s certain spikes, gaps and platforms to experience. Thus, you need to leap the double option for big gaps.

Additionally, Geometry Dash hack apk is really difficult to finish in one attempt. If you’re a newbie then you need to give some good moves. Because the hurdles are not as simple as they look. Hence, the timing should be more precise to give defeat. These obstacles are relatively closer to one another. Due to this, your game looks quite simple to hit and perform. The game provides infinite playable moves. However, it keeps you tired of performing the same things again. There’s several tips and tricks needed to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s read on to the features for ultimate progression.


Let’s have a look at several exceptional features of this game. Keep an eye on that:

geometry dash download

The quite interesting fact about this game is its engaging gameplay. You can slowly get used to it. Each stage has its ultimate observation to feature evaluation. You only need to stay calm rather than hurry. There’s a lot of iconic levels you have to face. Hence, the quite simple 2D observation style. Like you can achieve your character more firmly by placing your character on a horizontal position.

Additionally, Geometry dash full version doesn’t have any checkpoints. Therefore, if you die then you have to start from an earlier position. There are numerous players that reach to the 99% but still just because of one mistake. They have to fall from the start. That’s ridiculous.


There are several modes in the game that can enhance the user experience. You can’t get bored with its normal and other unique modes. There’s a training room where you can improve your skills no matter if you win or lose the game. Hence, when you complete every challenge, there’s a diamond left which gives the same vibes as checkpoints. The game mode includes Stereo madness, back on track, Polargeist etc. Therefore, you can resume the game from the last checkpoint you marked in Geometry Dash apk. Furthermore, you can make your own maps in the game. Also, it assists you to create your challenges. The map and challenges can be shareable further with the same effect.

geometry dash mod

There’s a diversity in the obstacles of this game. It can increase its difficulty over time. Moreover, the same level has appeared as ultimate hurdles which you have never seen before. Like, you can experience a compact journey while stepping in the deep-sea scenery. Our player will sit in a diving ship. Here, you have to experience dangerous hurdles like giant pillars or horrified volcanoes to test your abilities. Instead of this, the challenges in Geometry Dash full version are very meaningful in this journey. You have to catch the rhythm and check out the player’s psychology. Sometimes, it gives you an enormous surprise. Thus, the player with reflexes and the ability to overcome challenges. They can surely win the race.

geometry dash mod apk latest version

There are several controls which you can take on while experiencing the journey. There are some ports that differ from numerous characteristics of every display. Therefore, the portal can be used to control the characters. Hence, you have to remain focused and careful while placing new orders. There’s no time to rest. Geometry Dash unblocked have efficient controls like missile and reverse control. Similarly, you need to take care of projectiles. Thus, your character moves towards the vehicle while undermining each obstacle. When one-way ends, that’s the beginning of the other one.

geometry dash mod apk all characters unlocked

You have a chance to customize the characters on your own. Give a look what suits you. The game updates on every corner with efficient resources. Became a special character with terrific classes. Furthermore, you can hire another team that has completely different work. Also, the appearance of the character changes from a single to a rocket die. Geometry dash mod apk latest version offers you to change colors, themes and other elements. It gives you a cool breezy look and gives out the best look. Each character possesses a unique style and has exceptional characteristics.


The game isn’t only popular because of intuitive gameplay but the sound effects and visuals are quite detailed. You can unleash some extensive 3D displays. Moreover, its impressive visuals can take out the maximum attraction towards it. The game surely has thrilling and engaging soundtracks. However, the audio ensures a secondary source in Geometry Dash apk mod. Because music with some bass beats is essential for your playing journey. Also, the publisher RobTop exactly knows where to put these obstacles. They have the idea to put those hurdles right exactly with such melody. The players don’t have a feel that the game is out of beat. It always refreshes the mind and hits hard to get the player’s attention.

Additionally, the images aren’t too basic yet too picky. The tones of colors aren’t that much brighter. Therefore, it’s difficult to view hurdles. When the game speeds up, the player has an idea about such things. So, adapt as per the situation.


Below are some tips that give you better results at the end.

  • Hold your fingers down because you can jump through successive platforms. No matter if it’s three or four. If you gain the momentum then you can achieve the rest.
  • You have to ignore some inconvenient coins. Don’t risk your levels in collecting those irrelevant coins.
  • Use practice mode as much as you can. It can enhance your learning experience. You get an idea to get out of certain obstacles.
  • Widely use boosters to jump higher. They give solid results at the end.
  • Furthermore, you have to take certain breaks to burn the brain out. It will surely give you some time to think about new strategies and knock-on new doors.


This game has a true potential and gives you immense pleasure. Let’s check out the feasibility with its amazing free resources.

  • Unlocked Skins, Levels and Colors:
geometry dash mod apk character colors

The most precious resources are the skins of the game. If you have the original version then, it definitely provides limited accuracy to everything. However, in the mod file, you are able to opt for unlimited stars, fire and ice shards, diamonds, keys orbs and many other resources. Don’t worry about playing the game as hard to earn it. Besides, skins, levels and colors are available free of cost. Enjoy any level you want. Create your favorite characters and make the game more interesting. All you need is to download Geometry Dash mod apk, unlimited everything will be given to you.

  • No Ads Interface:

As you know Ads are the main source of earning for applications and games. But it distracts the person and he won’t be comfortable playing the game. However, if you download geometry dash apk. Then there won’t be any ads featured in the app. Hence, you can showcase your true potential and vitalize your journey. Make your level best in the game and flex in front of your friends.


With all the above discussion, it’s completely cleared that the game has different vibes. You can get a lot of excitement by changing different movement styles. You can unleash numerous modes and campaigns to show your credibility. Similarly, the hurdles in the game are quite dangerous. It’s a game of different emotions. It can go from thrill to joy. Experience a new refreshing way of learning with efficient resources.

Additionally, its backgrounds, music and visuals fascinate you alot. The gameplay of geometry dash mod apk is incredible to explore. If you feel any difficulty while downloading this game. Feel free to reach us through comments. Stay tuned for more amazing updates.

How To Install APK Files In Android:

  • step 1:

Go to settings, then scroll towards bottom untill you see security option. Tap on it and then tap on Unknown Sources. Sometimes it stops apks from installing that is why we are turning it on.

  • Step 2:

Download the apk file and wait until the download is finished.

  • Step 3:

Tap on the file to install it and follow the instructions that are prompted to you.

  • Step 4:

Once the apk is installed, tap on it and enjoy 🙂

How To Install MOD APKS In PC:

You can install mod apks very easily in your pc or laptop. For this you will need to install an emulator in your pc/laptop. Now there are bunch of emulators available but I personally prefer Bluestacks.

  • Step 1:

Download your prefered emulator. In this guide I will use Bluestacks.

  • Step 2:

Download the apk file you want to install.

  • Step 3:

Now you can either right click on the apk and choose open with then choose your emulator. Or you can open your emulator (in this case Bluestacks) and go to media manager and then select import from windows.

  • Step 4:

Launch the app from the homescreen of the emulator. Congratulations you have installed mod apk file in your pc.



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