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Want to become a deadly Tank captain? Then explore the game Tank Stars where you have to command a tank and pick some massive array of wild and deadly weapons that can cause destruction in the opponent's camp. Rushed right off your feet and prepared for an all-out war that threw straight into the action. Moreover, test your skills while fighting against the best players around the globe in multiplayer mode. Hurry up and join the thrilling and sensational journey.To get more details go through our article below.
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There are millions of games around the globe but very few applications give the perfect taste of gaming. There’s a very minimal number of apps who provide unique gameplay, thrilling atmosphere, eye-catching visuals and colors with humorous Content. By seeing a hollow space in the market, we are throwing an exceptional game Tank Stars mod apk where you can control your solo tank in a fierce battlefield.

This epic game was published by Playgendre Limited, a famous gaming company that specializes in producing some quality games. Also, check out the fun game Kick the Buddy or Geometry Dash featured on our website produced by the same company.

Want to become a deadly Tank captain? Then explore the game Tank Stars where you have to command a tank and pick some massive array of wild and deadly weapons that can cause destruction in the opponent’s camp. Rushed right off your feet and prepared for an all-out war that threw straight into the action. Moreover, test your skills while fighting against the best players around the globe in multiplayer mode. Hurry up and join the thrilling and sensational journey.

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tank stars mod apk download

Android gamers can engage in the exciting journey of arcade tank shooting, where they are able to control the massive Battle tanks with some incredible powers. Explore the in-game levels where you compete against the opponents in a thrilling storyline. Let’s ensure to grasp the right angle for your deadly canons where you can unleash the dreadful round of bullets with threatening explosions and effects. Furthermore, knock the opponent down through decreasing their HP Gauge down or blow them off the clips through your targeted shots to achieve victory.

In addition to this, avail the opportunity to download Tank stars mod apk where you have a choice to pick up plenty of unique weapons, unleash their special features while upgrading the powerful tanks to groom your productivity level. Utilize various tactics and approaches to the thrilling in-game levels to conquer your rival’s land. Furthermore, adjust the power and direction of your tank when it’s your turn and hit the target on spot to cater powerful damages. Activate your missiles for a wild array of massive attacks.

Never miss the opportunity to play online matches with your buddies. The intuitive and simple gameplay give a chance to get yourself familiar with the game in no time. Reveal the exciting journey by just tapping on your display screen.


download tank stars mod apk

Weapons always have an essential role in deciding the fate of wars, battles and fights. Utilize various power weapons and rush towards the opponent in Tank Stars mod in the significant battles. Pass through the eligibility criteria to unlock the access of these magical, powerful tools. Moreover, collect some essential cards to unlock powerful and premium missiles and nukes. Gear up to target the opponent and hit the shot on-spot for amazing rewards and coins. Win multiple levels and experience unique and friendly gameplay.

Additionally, the Abrams tank covers multiple shot range missiles and works perfect for close range enemies. Collect 15 diverse tanks that possess unique capabilities. Here in Star tank hack apk, we defined some unique dynamics of each missile.

  • Support Artillery:

It is in the category of long-range weapon that’s main concern isn’t giving the damage immediately. In this weapon, three large rockets fall a path from the sky in the direction from right to left. If the tanks are grouped together then use this weapon to separate them.

  • Cluster Strike:

Instead of giving damage immediately, its main concern is to hit an area or tank while causing a cluster of mines that falls from the sky. If it lands perfectly then it combines with other missiles to cause more damage. Hence, you need to aim your shot correctly and reflect your high skill set.

  • V- Strike:
tank stars apk mod

The main concern of V-strike is to hit the shorter range so utilize it when your enemies are nearer. When the attack is fired, it will be held in the air in V-shape and dropped on the tank through giving a destructive shot. Moreover, it causes some serious damage to the environment and blows a hole in the ground. That proves harder for rivals to target.

  • Leaper:

It’s a great missile for targeting opponents covering the whole map. In Tank stars apk, the Leaper is a good range weapon where you can attack the second shot as well and it makes a fruitful choice for targeting enemies group tanks.

  • Scatter Shot:

This powerful weapon is a projectile range rocket that launches a series of shots featuring a short distance and can destroy the targeted tank. It’s a friendly weapon that causes no harm to the environment. Therefore, it’s not good to blow the hole on the ground.

  • Auger Shot:

It’s the most uniquely designed weapon in the whole arsenal. It locks the position to the desired enemy and then fires three sensational missiles from the ground while moving upwards. It’s definitely good for mass destruction but always considered as a great shot to watch.


In Tank game hack, the one is offline mode that is under control by AI. They fired accurate targets and did not allow you to slip. It assists you to train your marksmanship. Earn more rewards and money while playing this mode to unlock different opportunities including various tanks.

Instead of this, the other is online mode, where you can compete against top players around the world. Polish your skills and defeat them to climb the high rankings on the board. Experience the journey while playing with various country’s people and reflect different traits in your gameplay.


Don’t worry if you have a low configuration device, the game can still feature full flash. Its graphics are simple, not too fussy but have eye-catching visuals and are highly addictive. It’s a 2D detailed graphics with intuitive surface and relaxing gameplay. It’s so satisfying to watch the explosion effect in Tank Stars mod apk with various colors that refreshes your gameplay. The rocket has a thrilling sound and captures a vivid and realistic effect for each explosion.

Get yourself ready to explore the phenomenal visuals that are so soothing and you can play with more determination. Do hard practice to knock down your enemy’s area while grabbing a top position in the leaderboard. Along with this, the PvP battle mode is quite famous where you can take part in numerous tournaments and events.


Let’s clean up the battlefield while having ruined skeletons of the tanks of your enemies. Follow some tips and tricks to become a pro of this game.

  • Choose the right weapon:

You have to choose the right tank from where your journey starts. Every tank is pretty same regardless of one key difference that is the weapons used in it. Acquire the desired weapons for your tank. Of course, the first time you won’t get much idea but through experiments try to stick with it throughout the period.

  • Upgrades the weapons you like:

As you chooseyour desired weapon, now it’s time to upgrade the best out of it. Make it more deadly and sensational by focusing on detailed updates. Become fiercer in the battle field and tackle your opponents with more determination.

  • Winning Tournament Modes:

Take part in many tournaments, where you have to face a wave to opponent’s tanks. Here, you need to choose the tank that damages a proper surface area in order to lower the whole environment. The suitable way to win the game is to destroy the whole tank at one time.


Download Tank star game hack for some premium functions and comprehensive cheat codes to unlock whopping features. Get many coins, gems, shopping features, upgrades and other things for free.

tank stars mod apk unlimited gems and money

Tank stars use its standard game currency that you can earn through fighting and it helps to purchase tanks, weapons, upgrades and much more. However, if you download tank stars mod apk unlimited money from our website, it will give you unlimited coins to get your desired thing. Get access to the restricted gems and experience the ultimate survival.


There are multiple tanks in the game which you need to purchase through gems. Now, mod apk Tank Stars will assist you to unlock all the crucial tanks including Abrams, Frost, Blazer, Coalition, Mark 1 and many others. Also, enjoy the apprehensive gameplay and sharpen your skills through the desired tank.

mod apk tank star

Tank stars have in-app stores where you need to purchase the resources with real money. Here our modded application helps you to get boosters cards, weapon upgrades, tanks and much more completely free of cost. Explore the free shopping aspect and have fun with your hearted resources.

  • NO ADS:

Many games have in-app advertisements that help them to generate revenue for the developers. But these ads are very annoying for gamers because they appear while the game is proceeding. Consequently, download Star tanks mod apk where you can play the game without any ads and it won’t affect your gameplay.


Tank stars table hacked is a quite addictive, fun and competitive multiplayer game that refreshes an exciting adventure.

It’s your choice to pick the desired tanks and weapons and its upgrades. Additionally, you can throw deadly bombs, lasers and missiles on the opponent for mass destruction. Play the diverse battle mode with intuitive controls and sensational soundtracks for more fun.

Last but not the least, through unlimited resources from Table Stars mod apk, the players can find this gameplay quite awesome. Get the hacked version from our website and join the ultimate survival challenge. Share this informational article with others to enhance their gaming journey as well. Feel free to contact in case of any query.

How To Install APK Files In Android:

  • step 1:

Go to settings, then scroll towards bottom untill you see security option. Tap on it and then tap on Unknown Sources. Sometimes it stops apks from installing that is why we are turning it on.

  • Step 2:

Download the apk file and wait until the download is finished.

  • Step 3:

Tap on the file to install it and follow the instructions that are prompted to you.

  • Step 4:

Once the apk is installed, tap on it and enjoy 🙂

How To Install MOD APKS In PC:

You can install mod apks very easily in your pc or laptop. For this you will need to install an emulator in your pc/laptop. Now there are bunch of emulators available but I personally prefer Bluestacks.

  • Step 1:

Download your prefered emulator. In this guide I will use Bluestacks.

  • Step 2:

Download the apk file you want to install.

  • Step 3:

Now you can either right click on the apk and choose open with then choose your emulator. Or you can open your emulator (in this case Bluestacks) and go to media manager and then select import from windows.

  • Step 4:

Launch the app from the homescreen of the emulator. Congratulations you have installed mod apk file in your pc.



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